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How Build Admin Panel with Laravel 5.8?

by Shahriar Sagor

Hello Dev’s
In this tutorial, i will explain you how to build quick admin panel using appzcoder package with laravel 5.8. Now i will create a admin panel with a role and permission module, crud generator, setting management, log activities, page management and user management.

Now, i write code step by step tutorial to create admin panel with in 10 minutes with laravel 5.8. You can easily customize this admin panel in laravel.

It can be great if you found any good package for admin panel using laravel. Admin panel will provide very basic requirement like back end theme integrated, user management. Also permission module, setting page, faq management, create simple pages and crud generator. Also it will help to make better progress with your project and give a basic environment.

You can see bellow preview of how to build admin panel with laravel. So you can see how it’s looks like. And it is a very simple and clean app.

Install Laravel 5.8:

Here, you need to download fresh laravel 5.8 application. So let’s run bellow command.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel adminPanel

Install Appzcoder Package:

Now we need to run following command to install appzcoder composer package.

composer require appzcoder/laravel-admin

Install Admin Panel:

it will create all tables and files for admin panel, so just run bellow command:

php artisan laravel-admin:install

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User HasRole Class:

you need to make sure your user model’s has a HasRoles trait in app/User.php.

class User extends Authenticatable
    use Notifiable, HasRoles;

You can get more information from here: appzcoder/laravel-admin.

I hope it can help you…


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