How to Get Current Year in Python?

Hello Dev’s today now in this short note i will be cover an python get current year. Here i will show this step by step also explain you how we can get current year in python. Now in this article, i will implement the how to get current year in python 3 application. I hope you can easily understand a concept of python get today year. We will do the following things for python get current year as a decimal number.

In this post, i will give you two basic examples to getting the current year in python. Here i will use datetime module to get the current year from date.

So let’s start and see the following examples:

Example 1:

from datetime import datetime
today =
print("Current Date and Time :", today)
print("Current Year :", today.year)
Example 2:

from datetime import datetime
today =
year = today.strftime("%-y")
print("Current Year as decimal number :", year);

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