How to merge two array with same keys without loop in PHP ?

Do you want to merge two array but you want without overwrite value then here you can see how to merge two array in following example. So now we have two array and we want to merge it with overwrite with any key then we fetch many problem.we can do like this two array :

My Array:

$array1 = [  
        '0'=> ['name'=>'shahriar','Surname'=>'Sagor'],  
        '1'=> ['name'=>'Code','Surname'=>'master'],  
    $array2 = [  
        '0'=> ['name1'=>'jibon','Surname1'=>'ahmed'],  
        '1'=> ['name1'=>'joy','Surname1'=>'mahamud'],  

AND You want to merge like that :


        [0] => Array  
                [name] => shahriar  
                [Surname] => sagor  
                [name1] => jibon  
                [Surname1] => ahmed  
        [1] => Array  
                [name] => code  
                [Surname] => master  
                [name1] => joy  
                [Surname1] => mahamud  

Then we want to make this as like array without any loop, then we can use array_map() and array_merge(). Now this both function will help us to make this output as we want like this way to use.


$result = array_map(function($array1,$array2){  
	return array_merge(isset($array1) ? $array1 : array(), isset($array2) ? $array2 : array());

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