How to remove special characters by mysql custom function

Today now in this post i will show you how to remove special characters by using mysql custom function. In mysql custom function is a very pretty and also interesting concept.So now In this posts i want to create a one custom mysql function for remove the special characters from the table field value. So this function through we can also remove the special characters from string in mysql. Now in the following sql query fire in our mysql or mssql database and we can check how it works. So, lets create a function and then see how to use in select statement in sql query.

Create removeSpacialChar function:
CREATE FUNCTION `removeSpacialChar`(`in_str` varchar(4096)) RETURNS varchar(4096) CHARSET utf8 
      DECLARE out_str VARCHAR(4096) DEFAULT ''; 
      DECLARE c VARCHAR(4096) DEFAULT ''; 
      DECLARE pointer INT DEFAULT 1; 
      IF ISNULL(in_str) THEN
            RETURN NULL; 
            WHILE pointer <= LENGTH(in_str) DO 
                  SET c = MID(in_str, pointer, 1); 
                  IF (ASCII(c) >= 48 AND ASCII(c) <= 57) OR (ASCII(c) >= 65 AND ASCII(c) <= 90) OR (ASCII(c) >= 97 AND ASCII(c) <= 122) THEN
                      SET out_str = CONCAT(out_str, c); 
                      SET out_str = CONCAT(out_str, ' ');   
                  END IF; 
                  SET pointer = pointer + 1; 
            END WHILE; 
      END IF; 
      RETURN out_str; 
Use With Select Query:
SELECT removeSpacialChar( FROM `users`

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