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How to resolve Laravel blank page on server?

by Shahriar Sagor

Today now in this post i will show you how to resolve laravel blank page om server. When i was created my laravel application and i was try upload application on live GoDaddy server. But on that time i was found a blank page. So I think First we have to check the php version on live server. if we are run laravel 5+ application then make sure your PHP version at least

PHP 5.5. But, again i don’t know why it was a blank page and i was checked permission of storage folder 777. So it was basically when we found the blank page on our shared hosting the first make sure permission on storage Directory 777 Permission.

So but if we can’t solve and found again then also we can check permission of bootstrap Directory 777 Permission. then we should try again. But we are still found blank page then make sure our index.php file permission should be 755 (index.php 755 Permission).

So need to Check PHP version, at least it should be PHP 5.5 for Laravel 5.

Check Permission 777 for storage and bootstrap Directory Permission

Give the Permission 755 of index.php

Try this maybe it can help you…

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