How to Send Email with Attachment in Laravel 8?

How to Send Email with Attachment in Laravel

Hello Dev’s, Today in this example, I will give you a short example of how to send mail with attachment by using mailable class in laravel 8 application. So we can send email with mailable also with attach file in laravel 8 application. We can simply send a file in mail by use the attach() method in laravel 8. So you have another method in view(),attach(),attachData() etc. Here we see How to Send Email with Attachment in Laravel project.

Now we have to simple follow few steps to sending email also with attachment in laravel 8 application.

Step 1 : Mail Configuration

Now in our first step we have to add our gmail smtp configuration add our .env file and also add our configuration.


Step 2 : Create Mailable Class

In next step,we have to define the make:mail command in our composer.

php artisan make:mail MyDemoMail

Now we can see a new file in our app(app/Mail/MyDemoMail.php) folder location.



namespace App\Mail;

use Illuminate\Bus\Queueable;
use Illuminate\Mail\Mailable;
use Illuminate\Queue\SerializesModels;
use Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\ShouldQueue;

class MyTestMail extends Mailable
    use Queueable, SerializesModels;

     * Create a new message instance.
     * @return void
    public function __construct()


     * Build the message.
     * @return $this
    public function build()
        return $this->view('emails.myDemoMail')
                    ->attach(public_path('pdf/sample.pdf'), [
                         'as' => 'sample.pdf',
                         'mime' => 'application/pdf',

Step 3 : Add Route

Now in this step, we will add a new route for out testing mail so open our web route file and so add bellow route.


Step 4 : Add Controller Method

Now, we need to add myDemoMail() in “TestController” Controller file, in this file we will also write code of mail send, so if we haven’t created TestController then need to create TestController.php file and also put bellow code

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use App\Http\Requests;
use Mail;
use App\Mail\MyDemoMail;

class TestController extends Controller

     * Send My Demo Mail Example
     * @return void
    public function myDemoMail()
    	$myEmail = '';
    	Mail::to($myEmail)->send(new MyDemoMail());

    	dd("Mail Send Successfully");


Step 5 : Add View File

So now we are in last step, so now we will create email template file, so first create “emails” folder in our resources folder and create myDemoMail.blade.php file and also put bellow code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>Demo Mail</title>


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