How to Uninstall XAMPP From Ubuntu using Command Line ?

Hello all, today now in this tutorial i will be focused on How to uninstall xampp from Ubuntu? Here I explained this very simply step by step completely uninstall xampp from ubuntu Code Example. We can understand a concept of how to Uninstall XAMPP From the Ubuntu Terminal OR Command Line. Now in this tutorial i will give you a simple example of how to remove xampp from the ubuntu Code Example. We will do this by the following things for How to Uninstall XAMPP From the Ubuntu using Terminal?

We can use this post for any version ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 16.04, ubuntu 18.4, ubuntu 20.04, ubuntu 21 and also ubuntu 22.04.

Solution 1: Using /opt/lampp/uninstall
 //how to uninstall xampp in ubuntu 16.04 using terminal

Way 1: >sudo /opt/lampp/uninstall
Solution 2: -i cd /opt/lampp ./uninstall

Alternatively -> Remove Xampp from Linux

 Way 2: Alternatively > sudo -i cd /opt/lampp ./uninstall
Solution 3: rm -r /opt/lampp

Last run delete for lampp folder

 > sudo rm -r /opt/lampp

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