How to upgrade node.js version in Ubuntu?

upgrade node.js version

Today now in this post i want to share with you about how to update node.js version in ubuntu OS. Here I would like to share with you on this post because i try lot to update my node js package. When i was install nodejs but when i want to update nodejs current latest version. At that time i was try a lot to upgrade but i can’t update my node. Here i will show you How to upgrade node.js version in Ubuntu?

I have ubuntu OS. One time i was also working on native script framework and then i need to update nodejs package at that time my teammate give me some command for update my nodejs current version.

I don’t know where he found that but now my system have latest version of node. So if you want also to update then need to run following command.

sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable
node -v

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