Sort Array of Objects by Property Values in JavaScript

Hello JavaScript lovers
Today in this example, I will teach you to write a JavaScript program.Where you can sort an array of objects by its property values.

To understand about this example, you should have a good knowledge of the following JavaScript programming topics:

Example 1: Sort Array by Property Name

// program to sort array by property name

function compareName(a, b) {

    // converting to uppercase to have case-insensitive comparison
    const name1 =;
    const name2 =;

    let comparison = 0;

    if (name1 > name2) {
        comparison = 1;
    } else if (name1 < name2) {
        comparison = -1;
    return comparison;

const students = [{name: 'Sara', age:24},{name: 'John', age:24}, {name: 'Jack', age:25}];



[{name: "Jack", age: 25},
{name: "John", age: 24},
{name: "Sara", age: 24}]

In this program, the sort() method is use to Sort an Array by its property values.

The sort() method sorts its elements according to the values returned by a custom sort function (compareName in this case).

Example 2: Sort Array by Property Age

// program to sort array by property name

function compareAge(a, b) {

    return a.age - b.age;

const students = [{name: 'Sara', age:24},{name: 'John', age:22}, {name: 'Jack', age:27}];

[{name: "John", age: 22},
{name: "Sara", age: 24},
{name: "Jack", age: 27}]

In this program, the sort() method is used to sort an array element by the age property.

To compare the age property of two objects, we can simply subtract them.


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