symlink(): No such file or directory laravel ubuntu – solved

Hello Dev’s, Today in this article, I will show how to solve No such file or directory laravel ubuntuIf we are working on an application and we wanted to implement image uploading to our application. So now we will display a symbolic link error on our composer.

So Now in this article, we will find the best solution for this issue:

ErrorException  : symlink(): No such file or directory

 at /home/forge/
   248|      */
   249|     public function link($target, $link)
   250|     {
   251|         if (! windows_os()) {
 > 252|             return symlink($target, $link);
   253|         }
   255|         $mode = $this->isDirectory($target) ? 'J' : 'H';

 Exception trace:

 1   symlink("/home/forge/", "/home/forge/")

 2   Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem::link("/home/forge/", "/home/forge/")

 Please use the argument -v to see more details.

So Run Following Commands:

step 1 : Go to /public directory and run

rm storage

step 2 : Go to Laravel root directory and run

php artisan storage:link

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